About Canada Logistics

At Canada Logistics, we pride ourselves as an established and reliable company and continue to offer all of the expertise of a first-class logistics service provider. With over 140 years of experience as a fifth generation family owned company we continue to flourish in this globalizing world with a strong focus on Canada and transit destinations and origins in U.S.A.

Our company was founded back in 1877 already. In those days, transport was done solely by ship and horse. Beginning in the 1940’s, we started our trucking business to reach inland destinations in Europe.

As the years passed, logistic needs were changing. Production companies were focusing on their core business and began outsourcing all other activities. Not Canada Logistics! We took this opportunity to recognize what was best for our customer and provided warehousing solutions. Thus, the warehousing department was created.

Internationalisation boosted the import and export of foreign products which made us realize that we needed to be innovative in our approach to business. As a result, we created our Value Added Services (VAS) department which provides assembly, product modification, after sales services, return logistics and repairs.

Because of the exceptional growth in international trade, Canada Logistics is now based in the main ports of Europe such as: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. Additionally, we offer direct train and barge connec- tion from ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. Furthermore we of course offer our services in Montreal, Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver, covering the whole nation via these air & ocean gateways.

When it comes to FTL and LTL distribution services, intermodal connections and air & ocean freight, Canada Logistics is the gateway in and out of Canada and U.S.A.