Computers & Electronics

Canada Logistics has worked with a number of computer and electronics companies over the past decade.

We understand the highly competitive nature of the business and the need for computer and electronics companies to continually increase productivity and performance while reducing costs. Product life cycles can be short and product innovation is rapid with products potentially becoming obsolete overnight. There is a first mover advantage in this industy. Companies need to get their products to market quickly, efficiently and accurately in order to quickly capture market share. We understand the industry and the competitive issuses facing companies and seek to provide outstanding service with unfailing reliability and dependability for our clients.To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, computer and electronics companies must have an integrated and well functioning supply chain. We have developed a broad range of services and tools to assist computer and electronics companies with the management of their supply chains.


 • Warehouses with state-of-the-art RF WMS systems
 • Temperature controlled warehousing available
 • OMS with comprehensive order management and processing
 • Order fulfillment with 24 hour or less turnaround
 • Kitting and repackaging
 • Reverse logistics with returns and refurbishment
 • Discounted and proprietary parcel and freight shipping
 • Real-time connectivity and systems integration
 • Full service call center
 • eCommerce platform integration and solutions
 • Web based reporting available at Canada Logistics
 • Follow-up customer service and support via phone and web