Health & Beauty

At Canada Logistics , we understand that health and beauty products require unique care throughout the entire fulfillment process.

We have worked with numerous health & beauty clients over the years and developed customized solutions to best suit each of their needs. Our facilities offer temperature controlled climates to meet the needs of our clients.

We offer numerous value-added services to promote the most beneficial and profitable solution to our clients. Our multi distribution center model allows our clients to get their packages to customers 2-3 days sooner than most other fulfillment centers, all while saving money on every shipment. We also offer a diverse eCommerce platform that allows clients to promote their product through various avenues, ranging from online marketplaces to daily deals to retail outlets, for maximum exposure throughout the entire selling process.

Our team at Canada Logistics makes sure the our clients’ image is maintained at the highest rates by taking the time to review orders and guarantee that shipments arrive just they way they should, with the product in perfect condition with no leaks or damages. Throughout the years we have continued to deliver extremely successful service levels to our clients and always strive for excellence in our upcoming endeavors.



 • Save time and money with our multi-DC model
 • Temperature controlled storage available
 • Comprehensive experience working with Health & Beauty clients
 • Extraordinary record of delivering excellent service levels
 • Fully customizable solutions for each client
 • Expanded global reach through our diverse eCommerce platform
 • Quick and seamless systems integration