Multimodal Freight

With excellent rail- and waterway connections at Antwerp, Rotterdam and Venlo, we can deliver or pick up your goods efficiently to and from our European Hinterland.

As one of the market-leading freight forwarders, Canada Logistics ensures that your cargo is transported to wherever  you want it to be taken.

Canada Logistics is a progressive innovator, offering tailor made solutions and a global network of local experts. 

We are a strong partner to our customers, with their processes leading ours and not the other way around. As a neutral service provider, Canada Logistics organizes and carries out


 trimodal container-transports (Port-to-door/Door-to-port) between the seaports of Western Europe and the European hinterland. Canada Logistics offers a comprehensive range of services from one hand, and is the contact partner for the whole transport chain.

With a closely-meshed network of terminals and transport lines, Canada Logistics combines the inter-system advantages of the three transport modes: inland waterway, rail and road, in order to optimize transport times and costs. Very short transfer times, fixed routes and frequent scheduled departures form the basis for fast, reliable, efficient container transports.