With over 120,000 square metres of bonded warehousing, Canada Logistics has established itself as the hub for companies entering a regional or local market.
Our warehouses are a one stop logistic fulfilment centre.

You can be rest assured that your cargo is safe and in the hands of well-trained and experienced professionals. Our efficient warehouse layout and expertise, with innovative automation systems, gives our customers real time stock information online. At Canada Logistics, not only do we store your cargo, we can also prepare it to meet every requirement per destination.

Customs Bonded Warehousing
Goods imported into the country of destination will have to be released into free circulation (ie, to be cleared by customs). This will mean that a Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs duties will have to be paid. At Canada Logistics, our clients have the option of storing their goods in one of our many bonded warehouses.


By doing so, you can postpone the customs clearance, payment of VAT and duties or avoid payment altogether for goods whose destination is crossborder. Finally, because of available AEO certification, our clients can be assured of more customs advantages in Europe.